Gresham - Chairman
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    M. Morshad Billah


‘GRESHAM’ is a dimensional meaningful word its basic means financer but here actually my organization GRESHAM have individual alphabet meaning for preserving overall business visions like G-Global ,R-Real Estate, E-Education,S-Scientific & Social,H-Housing,Health Care,Hospitality & Hotel Management ,A-All In All ,M-Marketing Management From my childhood I liked organization and creative work. I can tell one thing honestly if we demand anything from Almighty, definitely He give us more than our demand. God always with them who are innocent, pure of soul from sin, honest, hard worker, enthusiastic, ethical & believer.


I learn a lot of thing from my past life by doing wrong but I overcome by moral courage with believe almighty. I strongly believe that, thinking big and positive thinking is very important in all way of business life. I delete the word from my dictionary “Impossible”. Intellectualize and creative mind is very valuable asset in my company. Real Estate and development industry related business I like from my starting. Its my passion and hobby. I want to touch every corner of the globe by my company GTC and GTMS group. I would like to touch each and every life related creative mind business which is ensure the better, comfortable and enlightened life.


M. Morshad Billah